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Linux Process Injection - (Emulating VirtualAllocEX and CreateRemoteThread)
·1605 words·8 mins
Linux Malware Process Injection
Linux Malware: Defense Evasion Techniques
·2217 words·11 mins
Linux Malware Defense Evasion
The Anatomy of the Linux Kernel Stack
·3818 words·18 mins
Exploitation Linux Kernel Stack
Linux Process Injection - (Simple ptrace injection)
·1387 words·7 mins
Linux Malware Injection
Sig-Return Oriented Programming Attack - (SROP)
·1185 words·6 mins
pwn Exploitation
Pwnkit: Linux Privilege Escalation (CVE-2021-4034)
·1388 words·7 mins
Exploitation N-Day CVE-2021-4034